for all your coffee shop needs: a little story about making terrible coffee and having awkward conversations with strangers 

concepted, written, and developed by windbreak. title from tracy k. smith's life on mars.

key features

  •  add ingredients to make the coffee customers ask you for, and if you make it correctly, they might just tell you their story
  • 3k+ words of prose
  • talk to a little robot, a surly pilot, and a put-upon office worker
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsAtmospheric, coffee, Meaningful Choices, Narrative, Romance, Sci-fi, Space, Text based


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this is amazing!! and fun!! amazingly fun!!! i can't get enough..

thank you so much 💛 so glad you had fun! thanks for playing :)


this is such a charming game, i liked it a lot :) the dialogue options are so fun and the audio really enhances the vibe

thank you so much for playing - i'm so happy you enjoyed <3


don't mind me...


i enjoyed this a lot! I couldn't get the music to work but it was very engaging regardless :)

so glad you enjoyed it regardless :)!!!! thank you for playing!


"Oh shit, this thing talks!" That really got me there, haha!

I really like the story and the atmosphere you've written out here in this space cafe. Not to mention, the characters and their interactions were nicely written. Even the barista also has a nice character written out themselves, which really made me interested in the story and the barista's dialogues with others. (My heart goes out to Remy and Yves; I hope Remy finds a better job and Yves a body). The use of humor really made the story lighten up more, which I also appreciate as well.

As for gameplay, this was a nice and simple interactive story. The audio, which I'm assuming is like a background coffee house noise, helps out a lot with the environmental immersion.

Amazing job with this game! I really like it a lot!

wow thank you so much!! i'm so glad you like the characters & the story :) i love to use humour even at the worst of times so it makes me happy that you liked it. and your comment is really really kind!! thank you again :)


space cafe caught my interest. I really like this approach to the text only format.

i am glad space cafe caught ur interest :) and thank you!! i love playing around with only text & sound. :)


my favourite coffee also has milk, ice cream, cream, water, cinnamon and ice in it

I liked the story ^-^ and also the world!  

ME TOO >:) i had fun learning how to use variables for the first time. thank you so much for playing i am so glad you liked it!


Ooh this was really good, had me hooked from the start. I love the feel of it and the subtle worldbuilding. It really made me want to find out more about all the characters.

p.s. Just a heads up, I found a bit of a bug when I got the Americano wrong (don’t judge me, I don’t drink coffee!) and the mysterious customer left, then in the next scene I somehow knew his name was Max?

thank you so much :)!! i'm so glad you enjoyed playing and interacting with Yves, Max, and Remy. 

(also thank you so much for letting me know i totally had a d'oh! moment...i will change it as soon as jam reviewing is over)


What a good name for a story, got me interested from the start already. This makes me think a lot of Coffee Talk, a visual novel with coffee preparation mechanics.

hey thank you so much! i remember being super inspired after reading life on mars to make something, and i love thinking about space & what our relationship to it might look like in the future. and i've never heard of coffee talk but it sounds AMAZING?? will be checking it out asap :)